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At Sequoia Wellness, we believe true wellness is comprised of a healthy mind, body and soul.

Medically Integrated Health and Wellness

Our team of medical and wellness professionals collaborates with you to develop a personalized program that meets your unique needs.

Fresh, Whole Food

Our staff of nutritionists and dietitians consult on personalized plans, as well as guide the meal offerings and preparation of our on-site restaurants.

Active at Every Age

Keeping active is key to your health. That's why we offer programs for all ages, including group fitness options for seniors and kids.

Meals that Heal Membership Promotion - 11/1 through 12/31

We are collecting donations of food items for the Ben Curtis Family Foundation's Birdie Bag program and a program that is run by our local churches called the Weekend BackPak SnackPak program. Both program help to fight childhood hunger by providing much needed food to at risk kids in our local school systems. The food packs they put together help kids, who otherwise might have anything to eat, to have healthy meals and snacks available to them.  

 New Members:
Receive $100 discount on the enrollment fee, PLUS an additional $4 off of the enrollment fee for every item of food they donate.
A MAXIMUM of 25 items (or an additional $100) will be applied to the donation discount. New members who donate 25 food items could have the Enrollment fee reduced from $299 down to only $99!

Already a Member? 
Current members can also participate and will have a chance to win prizes as an incentive! The Top 5 highest donations could win the following:
1st place - one free month of dues at the individual rate
2nd place - free single session of the choice (choose from personal training, massage or Jin Shin Jyutsu)
3rd place - $25 off monthly dues
4th & 5th place - free Sequoia apparel of your choice

The food items we are collecting are VERY specific. We need the food items to be things that kids can take home and easily prepare. Single serving options are preferred, if possible. Here is a list of the MOST WANTED items:

Single serve sizes of cereal
Soups, stews, & Ramen cups, etc.
Pudding cups & fruit cups
Cereal, granola & protein bars

We can accept other items such as, regular sized canned vegetables, canned soups, ravioli, spaghettios, and regular size boxes of mac-n-cheese.

 What we DON'T want:

We do not want giant sized cans or boxes of food items. Remember, the food backpacks are being carried home by children, they have to be able to lift it. 

 Meals that Heal 2019