True Wellness

We build healthier communities by encouraging a comprehensive view of wellness that includes fitness, nutrition, exercise, education and more.

True Wellness

The experience at Sequoia Wellness is unlike any other in Portage County. That’s because we believe true wellness is comprised of a healthy mind, body and soul. At our comprehensive facility, we are focused on promoting your complete well-being.

Medical Fitness

Weight Management 

Sequoia 360 Weight Management Program

This program is suitable for adults at any stage of the weight management process. By balancing short-term results with long-term strategies, our highly trained wellness professionals take a whole-person approach to help participants reach and sustain their healthiest weight possible. The program will run in two 6-week sessions, both being progression based. Series 1 has a lifestyle modification focus with Series 2 emphasizing sound nutritional education. If you are interested in participating, please sign up at the reception desk at Sequoia Wellness!

The Weight Management Program includes:
• Interactive group classes lead by Registered Dietitians and Clinical Psychologists trained in weight management
• Practical and applicable nutrition education topics
• Lifestyle modification techniques intended to turn short term results into long term solutions


MF- Orthopedic Transition

Orthopedic Transition Program

Sequoia Wellness offers an Orthopedic Transition Program that is designed to safely transition individuals from physical therapy to being fully independent and confident with physical activity and activities of daily living. Our comprehensive approach to the individual and the specific musculoskeletal condition they are rehabilitating focuses on reducing pain while simultaneously improving the following key points: muscular strength and endurance, joint range of motion, functional movements, form and posture. If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact the welcome desk at Sequoia or call (330)578-9030.


Cardiopulmonary Program

Transitioning into unsupervised activity and exercise after an acute cardiopulmonary event can be worrisome. That's why Sequoia Wellness provides invaluable education and training in this Phase III transitional program. Cardiopulmonary Wellness strives to help individuals adopt healthier, more self-aware lifestyles, offering:

Research-based education
Interactive physical instruction
Preventative and reparative guidance

For more information or if you have any questions, please stop by the welcome desk at Sequoia Wellness or call at (330)578-9030.

Pre-Activity Health & Wellness Screen

Truewellness Preactivityhealthass

Your new health and fitness experience begins with a personalized Health Assessment. Conducted by a degreed wellness professional, this assessment provides a full analysis of your current physical condition and wellness status. Once the analysis is complete, our team of experts works with you to create a personalized program that incorporates a combination of exercise, nutrition, wellness education and more. Our personalized approach is the key to success because each plan is designed to meet your specific needs. A few highlights of the assessment include:

  • Graded cardiovascular capacity test
  • Muscular strength and endurance assessment
  • Health risk and stress-level assessments
  • Flexibility screening
  • Body composition analysis
  • Resting blood pressure and heart rate
  • Stress management analysis
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Quality-of-life evaluation


Worksite Wellness

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Employee Health & Wellness

Worksite Wellness 

We provide a unique, turnkey worksite wellness program that drives results while allowing you to focus on what's important... your business.

With our community-wide health and wellness approach, we seek to not only transform the health of your company but that of the community surrounding it. Our program stands apart from the typical approaches to worksite wellness through five key attributes:

1. Comprehensive Program Design and Administration

2. Physical Presence in the Community Allowing for a Personal Approach

3. Top Local Medical and Wellness Experts

4. Extensive Program Offerings Tailored to Meet Your Needs

5. Strategic Long-Term Wellness Planning

Implementing a comprehensive and effective worksite wellness program now will considerably decrease the human and economic burden of chronic diseases and improve your company's health and productivity for years to come.

To learn more, contact:

Melissa Hendricks


Medical Professionals

Truewellness Medicalprofessionals

Our team of medical professionals is at the core of what makes Sequoia Wellness a unique facility. Their expertise are incorporated into the development of fitness and wellness plans, ensuring that each plan is specifically tailored to your individual needs.



The pharmacy located in the NEW Center will work hand-in-hand with the facility’s medical providers and Sequoia Wellness professionals to provide a bridge to seamless care for all patients.  

The traditional retail-style pharmacy has been reimagined to create one that provides a collaborative, personalized experience between patients and pharmacists. While there will be both over-the-counter and prescription items available, pharmacy staff will be right there to talk, choose products and sit down with you to ensure you understand any medications you’re using. Our “pharmacy of the future” will help you navigate through the healthcare continuum to find what’s best for you, regardless of your current health status.

Development of the pharmacy at the NEW Center, which is directly connected to the Northeast Ohio Medical University’s College of Pharmacy, is based off the following goals:

  • Healthy People 
  • Innovative Workforce Solutions 
  • Organizational Success 

Further information on the pharmacy will be available soon. Please check back.




The NEW Center and Sequoia Wellness provides a complete wellness experience right down to the food choices available in our facility. The café and restaurant area offers fresh fare prepared under the guidance of our executive chef and registered dietitian. You may enjoy your snack in our relaxing, comfortable seating area or take it with you. Our menu offerings include:

  • Soup and salad bar
  • Stir fry
  • Paninis
  • Café